Spring Masters New York is an eclectic art fair that creates a dialogue between painting, sculpture and design

New York

Even though Springs Masters New York is only in its third edition, the fair isn’t exactly a newcomer to the art world. Formerly know as Spring Show NYC, it was reimagined and reborn three years ago as Spring Masters New York in a bid to introduce a dazzling new concept: art and design from a wide range of historical periods, presented in a distinctive hexagonal honeycomb booth layout, as envisioned by architect Rafael Viñoly.

“The hexagonal grid creates views through and between booths that displays property of very different exhibitors juxtaposed against each other, in a manner that is not replicated with any other fair in the world,” explains Michael Plummer, who co-directs the show with Jeff Rabin.
Running from May 6 to May 9 at Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory, Spring Masters features fine art, design, furniture and jewellery from over 60 leading art dealers. Under the helm of Plummer and Rabin, Springs Masters provides a carefully curated and quality collection that focuses on connoisseurship and fits within the aesthetic lens of the 21st century, regardless of the period of art sold.

“The 2016 edition of Spring Masters will have more of a focus on 20th and 21st century works of art,” Plummer reveals. Highlights are set to include new exhibitors specialising in Asian art. “We have two new exhibitors, Sundaram Tagore from New York and Yufuku Gallery from Tokyo, who will be showing works from contemporary Asian artists,” says Plummer. “Both galleries have extraordinary programmes.”

The fair also offers antique and modern tapestries presented by Vojtech Blau, 20th century French art and design from Galerie Lefebvre, and European sculptures displayed by Tomasso Brothers Fine Art. “Spring Masters has work from non-living artists and artisans as well, which is what makes the fair so interesting and compelling,” says Plummer. “It has work from the ancient world up through the present day.”

Plummer and Rabin co-founded Artvest Partners, a firm that provides investment advice for the art market, so they’re both uniquely placed to forecast future art industry trends. “In this increasingly dynamic and competitive art market, a collector’s time is limited and attention fragmented,” says Rabin. “Thus one needs to create a fair that is constantly evolving and changing each year, to surprise and delight this community of dedicated collectors.”

A version of this article appeared in print in Selections, The One – on – One Issue #35, on page 24.