Prolific American painter Hunt Slonem brings his menagerie back to the UAE.

Hunt Slonem’s 100 Bunnies have taken over Cuadro Fine Art Gallery in Dubai’s DIFC. They’re huddled together in big groups, many in their own uniquely elegant frames. With tall ears and glaring eyes, these critters aren’t necessarily fluffy cute, and their gaze is knowing. The artist’s brushstrokes flow with a swift confidence that comes from painting for over fifty years. Slonem says he started painting them when he found out that his Chinese horoscope was the rabbit. He likes to create the individual bunnies as a ‘gestural warm­up’ in the mornings.

The rabbits are not alone: there’s also rows of parrots, crammed onto huge canvasses. Slonem’s signature criss­cross lines are scratched, claw­like, into the paint, creating a cage of sorts. Layers of other colours flash from below. The show shrieks pop art.

Hunt Slonem sold 72 of his 100 Bunnies collection at the opening night alone, racking up over 250 solo shows to date. Having opened the gallery in 2008, and featuring in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum of American, it’s no surprise that Dubai has a special place for these portraits. This show runs until March 1.

Cuadro, Slonem 100 bunnies

Cuadro, Slonem 100 bunnies