I was lucky enough to be raised in a family surrounded by artists and had the chance to meet many inspirational creative figures at home. Listening to their conversations I used to admire their freedom. How precious these young girl’s memories are to me now. I remember listening to what I thought were very strange and funny point of views about life, its colours and textures. I remember going to a Pink Floyd concert with my mother, Andrée Putman, when I was only six, and observing Bram Van Welde while he was creating, all the time with her at my side, sharing her thoughts with me.

I really have to thank my parents for the way that they taught me about how art can be such a powerful channel to emotion, sense, beauty and hopefully peace in the world. My interactions with artists were so important during my childhood that I still need their support every day in my adult life. Because of this it was a natural and obvious decision for me when I tried to help young artists for the first ten years of my professional life. This was one of my most interesting and formative experiences, when I was converting old factories into artists’ studios.

The choices I made for this special section in Selections represent a small panel of those creators who surprise me with their innovative vision and remarkable work. Sometimes their creations seem to be very simple but these are often those that possess something like a hidden grace, which can seem almost invisible. Artists give us the possibility of keeping our eyes wide open so we can continue to dream and to invent new ways of life.

A version of this article appeared in print in Selections, The Design issue #26, on page 123.

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